About Us

Hi, I’m Doug. I’m originally from Brixton, South London (SW2) but immigrated with my wife and son to Melbourne, Australia back in 2007. SW2 Laser Projects is a small home based business that aims to provide home owners with modern house number signs which are unique and stylish in design, in addition to being visible and affordable. It’s never ceased to amaze me that most of us take on a mortgage (probably the biggest investment we will ever make), spend $1000’s on a nice driveway, the garden, the landscaping, window dressings etc but don’t give a second thought to the one thing that will identify our house - our house number! I want to change that. I want to provide you with large, visible, distinctive signs, made from weatherproof materials which won’t fade or deteriorate over time. Signs which add character and kerb appeal to your house. The entrance to your home shouldn’t just reflect the style and colour of your house on the outside but just as importantly, the personalities, quirks and cultures of those who live inside. Need something a bit different? No problem. I welcome the opportunity to be able to collaborate with you in producing something which means so much more than just a number on a door, in a street, in a town somewhere, indistinguishable from every other house in your neighbourhood. Let SW2 provide you with the stylish plaque your house deserves.