Collection: Lustre - $125.00

Artistic Elegance - Our Premier Collection

Make a statement with our exclusive "Lustre" collection of house number signs, available only at SW2 House Number Signs. Each sign is crafted with a 6mm black acrylic base and a 1.6mm metallic effect acrylic surface, creating a stunning visual effect. The intricate patterns, including abstract, floral, and geometric designs, add a touch of artistic elegance to your home's facade. Choose from 6 font types to customize your sign to your liking.

These plaques are UV stable and mimic the look of real steel, gold and copper but require minimal maintenance. Crafted from a durable acrylic-based material, they withstand outdoor weather conditions with ease, adding a stylish finishing touch to your home's facade.

Start creating now and see what your sign will look like before you buy.

These signs use invisible snap on mounts which allow the sign to stand 15mm away from the wall to give a floating effect. All fiixings are supplied as well as drilling templates to ensure accuracy when installing - no guess work!